Attribute to display in Calendar view

In a team environment, a shared calendar will contain activities relevant to multiple people.

Right now there doesn’t seem to be a way to manually choose which attribute of an item to be displayed under the Calendar view. I have cases that it highlights the day but displays nothing if the only attribute beside the date is a reference to an item in another folder. And even if displayed, it only shows one attribute.

I’d suggest that at the minimum the Calendar view has the ability to show both an attribute as well as the person/people associated with the attribute.

Hey @j11,

Our Calendar is currently showing ‘Members’ when the attribute is included.

You can also include different colors for your items in Calendar View (when selecting a Date Range, you can choose from which Label attribute will items receive color).

We’ve tried other showing attribute, but it totally recks UI…

Thanks for the clarification. The actors of an event might not be an Infinity member though. It could be a partner, a system or an organization. My struggle is that I can’t choose what to display when a type of events has multiple attributes.

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