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One feature of Trello that my Team considers a must have is the ability for the application to auto increment some kind of identifying number. At a minimum it would be an Item #1, Item #2, Item #3 etc etc type of setup. What would be great is if a Board could have a configured prefix so my board of “My Fabulous Board” could have a prefix of “My” then the numbering scheme would be My-1, My-2, My-3, etc etc.

Is there anything like this in the pipe? Could there be?

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It should be human-readable, like @paul.marshall suggests , not a huge robotic key.



Agreed. Card numbering is essential. We’re considering a move here from Trello. Just one of our project boards has over 700 cards… some sort of automated card numbering is essential, even if it just displays (readonly) the Id of the card.

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Hey guys!

Thanks for bringing up this.

We can add it to our roadmap. I’ll make sure to include it in one of the next brainstorming sessions (probably on Monday), and we might have an estimate for that.

Thanks all for your input, we find this feature useful, as well.



+1 This is a great suggestion, customisable auto numbering attribute can be a good field to show for referenced records.



Any update on this item? We’ve made the move to Infinity from Trello and right now we have a separate sheet we maintain tying a “Card Number” to a Card in Infinity. It would be great if Infinity had it’s own Auto Increment Number. Maintaining a separate sheet of Numbers and Card Links is a pain just so someone can say “For Card 5 I need this updated…”



Hey Paul!

First of all, thank you very much for putting your trust and time into our product!

After a short conversation with our CTO, our suggestion for now is to create a separate attribute in Infinity (ex. ‘Text’ or ‘Number’ whose name would be ‘Card number’), and write down your unique card numbers.

That’s just for now, in order for you not to check the sheet every time you need a Card Number, and until we build ‘Auto Incrementing Number’ feature. Damir considers it as a medium priority task/feature, which might be built during the month. :slight_smile:

Hope this was helpful.



I have been using a trail of infinity today. And this was actually one of the first things i tried, then looked for in help. Its been 1 year since this was submitted it looks like. Any Update?

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Any update on this feature request yet? This is an important one for me as well when dealing with a large number of team members, and even bigger volume of tasks.

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Hey guys,

I’ve added this request to our roadmap. It’s not a priority feature at the moment, but since it is easy to add, it could be done soon.

Here’s a link:

Please vote and share your thoughts in the comment.