Auto-link to card from another card

In some older systems I’ve used, you could auto-link to another card just by typing its ID, like “See #123 for more info”, and “#123” would be a link to card 123. For Infinity to do this, I think you’d need two things:

  1. display a card ID on each card
  2. enable auto-linking (maybe based on regex?)

Note that auto-linking could be used to tie to github or any other system too, if you make it flexible: “github#123” could link to our github issue #123 (etc.)


Excellent Suggestion. It would make team discussions more efficient as well.

Hey guys!

Thanks for opening this topic, @garyo :slightly_smiling_face:

That sounds very, very interesting, and as @ton said, would make team discussion more efficient.

I’ve shared this idea with our team. But your suggestion reminded me a bit of our ‘Reference’ feature in which you could link one item to another.

Can’ wait for you to see it (probably in 7-10 days)! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the amazing suggestion and idea.

only 2 days more…what a suspense! :smiley:

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