Automated Reports/Analysis of Projects

This would truly be a beast of a feature, in terms of development and value, mostly because of the flexibility of Infinity.

Having an analysis page could go in a lot of directions, and have a ton of different features. I’d be interested in a little brainstorm here with other Infiniteers to see what Everyone wants.

My Current Process: Export to .csv, reorganize everything, and do what Excel does so well (But Infinity could do it better)


And that’s why having formulas and calculations is really needed for us to make the raw DB align closer to business measurements. With formulas, Infinity’s representation would quickly turn data into information and insights.

But of course the Infinity team could do the predefined tables without flexibility to start with.

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Yes, I think both are good. It would be really cool to have customizable tables that can be defined by the user/member, allowing customizable results based on the information given/required.

And then Excel-like calculations would be a core automation/insight feature that would work great inside each item (or cross item as well?)

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