Automatic Backup option for workspaces & boards

In addition to the export function it would be awesome to be able to schedule automatic backups (with encryption) which are stored in a cloud (dropbox, gdrive, …) or sent to a specific email address.

Hey @micck,

I think our devs are planning to build a feature that would allow you to do something like that.

I’ll make sure to double check with our CTO. Anyway, we’ll include it to the Roadmap :slight_smile:



@coa Are there any updates on expanding the export option to an automatic backup function?


I think we’re close to that.

There is an automatic backup function on our end (we’re backing everything up on a daily level).

If you by any means need an access to those daily logs, feel free to outreach to us. :slight_smile: a

I really miss backup functionality in Infinity.

I’m a subscriber to Dynalist and Standard Notes, and they both offer an automatic daily backup option to Dropbox or Google Drive.

For Infinity, the daily backup might optionally exclude file attachments (or set up a schedule: only back up attached files once a week, not every day).

The backup file really should include everything, including user comments.

I trust that Infinity on their end have a robuts backup solution in place, but you never konow! I would sleep better if I also knew everything is also backed up at my end. :wink:


I agree wholeheartedly that this is necessary!

Yes, please add that kind of backup!