Automatically offer names from client list in other folders?


Hi, newbie here.

I spent some time creating a client list. I then opened a support and follow-up sub-folder. I was sure that in Names of the new Support folder when adding a new line, it would offer me/ import names from my Client List (when typing the first couple of letters. It does not even give me a pull-down). It does not. So do I need to completely and exactly type in the client name again, in the new folder?

I tried to nest it, putting the Support folder as a subfolder of the Client folder. Did not work.
Am I doing something wrong? Is this not possible? It seems to be the most basic functionality.


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Hi @avij Welcome to the community, super happy to see you here :wave:

Unfortunately it wouldn’t offer you such an option, as here each folder acts as a completely different database, box, space. However, you can definitely link items from one folder with items from another folder, for that you can use our “reference” attribute that will allow “linking” between items from two different folders.

An example of this would be, lets say you have a folder with clients and you are organizing their tasks in some other folder, you can then use our reference attribute to link tasks to certain clients.

Hopefully that will help you get organized better or at least help with understanding Infinity, of course - if you have any additional questions, feel free to let me know!

Also, don’t forget that we do have a 24/7 live chat support option, where you can ask anything and at any time, it’s definitely the fastest way to get help. :+1: (**bubble located in the bottom right side of your screen while in infinity or on our website.*)

Cheers :v:



This is a functionality I´ve been waiting for a long time. It´s really time consuming as well as error-prone to update all the different folders by hand.
The reference folder doesn’t help at all here unfortunately. I´ve been waiting for the automations and hope that the “if this then that” function will solve this issue.