Automation - Creating Templated Tasks/Projects

Hey there,

Our team builds pretty advanced CRM systems inside of Podio and we were looking for an external project management tool.

Our goal was to create a trigger using Podio which would then create a project/task inside of Infinity. This project inside of infinity would have a checklist of pre-defined tasks inside of it.

For example - we click on the trigger (using Zapier, etc.) and:

  1. Create new Project
    a) Project creates a list of tasks (about 13 tasks)
    b) Assigns the task to the correct person (as pre-defined)
    c) Add’s a pre-defined due date (1 week later)


Is this possible?

Would love to see other peoples automations!


Hi @andrew1, welcome to the community! We spoke via chat as well.

As I understood my colleague, it’s possible to do the first part of this, however, there might be a problem with creating checklists.

We’ll make sure to double-check this tomorrow when our awesome colleague Marko comes to work, he is the most experienced in testing Zapier possibilities so he will take a look and get back to you. :slight_smile:

We have a very automated workflow.

A new client via Stripe triggers a checklist of work that we need to do.

If we can not automate the checklist we need completed, this program doesn’t work for our company, unfortunately.

We’re sad to hear that @andrew1, but we understand.

I would like to invite you to check out our roadmap to see what kinds of automation we’re planning - automation such as ‘If this then that’ are in the ‘To Do’ column, meaning we’re almost ready to start working on them.

We hope you will give Infinity another try, if not now at least in the future once we implement the automation you need. :slight_smile:

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