Automation - Email with Card Link

I am sending myself an email when a card becomes due.

It would be awesome to have the card link in the email.

However, Inifinity Support says that the only way to do this is 1) create a new attribute for links then 2) copy EACH card link into that attribute. 3) add this attribute to the email.

WOW! that is so laborious. Every card has to have the link manually pasted into the field.

Please update the automations to handle this… automatically.



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Hi there @landofawz

Unfortunately that is true, it’s a good workaround for something we currently do not have. :man_shrugging:

But, maybe we can think of something else, instead of sending an email, you can use “leave a comment” action, you get an email whenever a comment is made + you get to see the comment and you get a button to click on and go check out the specific item where the comment was left on.

So, what I did in this particular case is this:

  1. Created an automation, trigger date arrives, selected my date attribute
  2. Action - > leave a comment

Whenever this automation triggers (executes), a comment on an item will be left and you will get an email about it that looks something like this:

The button you see in there “check it out” will take you to that specific item, or you can click on the hyperlinked word called “item 1” (original name of the item) which will do the same as “check it out” button!

Would that work for you?


Hi Marco,
Great proposal. I like this workaround, but it gets the comments ‘dirty’. Have you any plans to include the proposed feature? I didn’t find it in the roadmap.
Thank you.

VERY NICE solution. I can use that.