Automation sending email

I would love to have automation in place to allow me to automatically send emails to clients.

For example, I have a Status called “Invoiced”. Moving an item into that Status would automatically send an email to my customer (based on a “Customer Email” attribute in the item, or to a linked Customer) with an invoice.

This would greatly simplify invoicing. Of course, this would also involve some sort of email templates to generate the email and the ability to link email to an outbound SMTP server.

Hey @tom.whitfield!

Thanks for creating this topic. That’s a great use case!

I think that might be possible with Zapier integration…

What email provider do you use? :slight_smile:


I’d prefer not to have to use a 3rd party. Native connection to SMTP would be nice.

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Oh, okay.

We’re doing our best to clear our schedule and meet our deadlines for the current priorities (new infrastructure, hence better performance/speed of the app), and then focus on native integrations in Q2.

However, if there’s a change of hearts: Feel free to read more about this use case:

Hi, but what if Gmail is not what we use? (personaly I try to avoid Google stuff as much as I can :slight_smile:
we have bunch of servers here and there (with Plesk or cPanel) and than using whatever email app like apple mail or Postbox etc.
It would be desirable to avoid Zapier, which is really expensive.

Hey there @marek_kopecky

You can now send emails using our automations. You can send an email based on a trigger → when checkbox is “checked” send an email to the email stored in the item itself (or send to a specific email that you want).

When customizing the automation you will be able to decide what the email is going to say.

When it comes to third party apps, this is a bit harder, we are not integrated with cPanel or Plesk, but we do have API, and we are also integrated with Zapier, Pabbly and Integrately (integrately and Pabbly are still work in progress, but they do work to a certain degree), so you might want to explore these options as well.

Hope this helps at least a little bit Marek :pray:


Great, looking forward to try it, thank you

You are welcome @marek_kopecky

If any other questions come up, feel free to post them here or chat with us via live chat support (it’s much faster).

Cheers :v: