Automation sending email


I would love to have automation in place to allow me to automatically send emails to clients.

For example, I have a Status called “Invoiced”. Moving an item into that Status would automatically send an email to my customer (based on a “Customer Email” attribute in the item, or to a linked Customer) with an invoice.

This would greatly simplify invoicing. Of course, this would also involve some sort of email templates to generate the email and the ability to link email to an outbound SMTP server.



Hey @tom.whitfield!

Thanks for creating this topic. That’s a great use case!

I think that might be possible with Zapier integration…

What email provider do you use? :slight_smile:




I’d prefer not to have to use a 3rd party. Native connection to SMTP would be nice.

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Oh, okay.

We’re doing our best to clear our schedule and meet our deadlines for the current priorities (new infrastructure, hence better performance/speed of the app), and then focus on native integrations in Q2.

However, if there’s a change of hearts: Feel free to read more about this use case: