Automation to send email to multiple recipients

I am trying to use automations to send an email to multiple recipients. I have the automation woking correctly to send to one email, but when I try to add additional email addresses into the proper input field I get an error, “unable to deserialize: the email must be a valid email address”. I have used Semi-colon, space, comma, and colon to separate the email addresses and nothing has worked. Any ideas short of duplicating the automation for each email address?

Only takes one email address. Ideally, should be set so all email addresses (mulitples) can be separated with a semi-colon as per convention & then send to all.

As a work around, we just have a text field of CC ADVISE with another field as a tick box, so we copy the line of text into emails manually & forward … then tick the box to record the action (if need to record).