Automation triggers within tag lists


Say I’ve got a tag list titled, “Sales Pipeline” that has the following tags:

  • New Lead
  • Outreached
  • Discovery Call
  • Qualified - Negotiation
  • Closed - Won
  • Closed - Lost

In kanban view, when moving through the pipeline, it would be great if you could set triggers.

Use case - When a lead is moved from “Discovery Call” to “Qualified - Negotiation”, the card could automatically change ownership to whoever at the company is in charge of negotiation.

Use case #2 - When a lead is moved from “Outreached” to “Discovery Call”, the owner of the card can automatically be changed from User A to User B, and User B would get a notification automatically. Perhaps via email or text, and then a notification would also appear the next time that user logs into the system.



Hey @micheal!

We’ve identified that specific use case as the ‘Automation feature’ which is probably going to be built after we finish the ‘core’ of our product, which is based on inserting, structuring and organizing your data with maximum capacity and capability.

Then, we’re going to 100% focus onto building shortcuts, Automations, etc.

Hope that sounds good. :slight_smile:



That sounds perfect, my friend! :smiley: