Automation With Calender And Table With "To Dos"

I have a client that likes to work with calendars. He has listed dates he wants “email blasts” sent on a calendar in a Start Infinity folder.

In the same board, we have a table that includes a list of “To Dos.”

I have been struggling with finding a way that when the client member adds something to a date on the Calendar folder, that it will automatically be added to the To Do list folder which contains a table of columns including a column titled “To-Dos.”

Is this possible?

I am not sure if I created it, or if it just is the way Start Infinity works (hard to keep track at times), but when the client has added something to the folder, it seems to have the Attribute “To-Dos” yet it is not listed in the other folder that is a table and includes “To-Dos.”

I hope this description is not too complicated :slight_smile:

While I guess it is possible to get rid of the Calendar folder, and simply view all the To-Dos Table in a Calendar view, the problem is it does not seem clean and friendly to do it that way. Unless I am missing something.

It seems to me that if there is something on a calendar, it should be considered as “due” by that date without having to click on the item, and then update the Due By attribute. The whole reason for putting it on the calendar on a specific date is that it is due or happening on that date! :slight_smile: