Automations - Create New Item with Variable for Title

Rant coming!

So I created an Automation that is triggered when the category for the card changes to DONE

The actions are to create more items for different languages that have the same title as the original. This is accomplished by doing this in the new item title: Spanish - [Item Name]

It works perfectly… Until you have it want to create multiple new items using the [Item Name]…

So let’s say there is Spanish, French and Hindi

In the automation, you would just add new actions to create the additional items for French (French - [Item Name]) and Hindi (Hindi - [Item Name])

If the Item Name is GREAT, you would expect to see the following for each new item title:

Spanish - GREAT
French - GREAT
Hindi - GREAT

However, it gives:

Spanish - GREAT
French - Spanish - GREAT
Hindi - French - Spanish - GREAT

So it is taking the prior action to create the new action!

Customer Service said this is the way it is supposed to be! What? When I asked for a use case, he was unable to but said, “there could be use cases where this would be applicable, as the names are chained like this while using the $Variables.” I LOOOOVE theoretical answers… Maybe… One day… multiverse…

Anyone have a use case where this would be valid? It seems to me, that the new actions should always be based on the original card that triggered the action. Especially for a Title.

Rant over… Carry on with your day.


Like all software, you just have to learn the behavour & constraints, then work within them.

So, in this case maybe having the automation list all languages, & if it can, have them as sub tasks … (after all, they are derived from the main task) … or even label attribute TO DO - SPANISH … then remove the label of to do (which might work well as labels as guessing skill set wise, means a worker can select/filter all tasks for their specialty language (as probably more than one worker, each with their own language or two).

Also, would have the GREAT first, then the sub in titles, so they always stack chronologically … unless your workflow is all per language rather than per topic.