Automations Limits

One of the biggest used items for us is the automations feature for things like todo lists and reminders. The 100 automations per board is very limiting. Are there plans to expand this in the future? Can the limit be per user instead? I would hate to have to make a user board for each user to get around this limit.

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Hi @familyquigley :wave:

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Regarding our automations, according to our analytics and detailed research we’ve concluded that 100 automations per board work for 99% of our users.

Regarding reminders:

3 automations can cover almost all the reminder use cases, as you are using one attribute (date attribute) on which you want the automation to trigger. People would usually create 2 or 3 different automations for reminders. (one for a basic reminders, one automation to remind them 24h before the due date arrives, and one would be for overdue tasks, those would be 3 out of 100 automations you can create).

Our users top concern was about our automation runs, which is 10.000 per workspace (monthly), however - for the ones that really need more than 10.000 runs per workspace we introduced some solutions:

  1. Upgrading to our enterprise plan - will allow you to get 10.000 additional runs, which means that you will have 100 automations per board and 20.000 runs in total.

  2. Monthly plans that we offer for our automations (in order to increase them) - recurring payment was introduced in order to cover the operational costs that are necessary in this particular case. (if you would like to get more information about this, feel free to message us via live chat support, one of our agents will be there to help you :pray:)

Hope that helps @familyquigley :v:

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We bought the lifetime plan in the hopes that we would be avoiding the monthly fee’s that so many companies are going to. We were told that automations were going to be coming soon and that seemed to take for ever and now once they are here and working close to what we expected a restricted amount has once again disappointed us in yet another product. We are not a business that can just throw money at a solution but a family trying to keep our day to day organized. Guess we will just have to work within the limits of the product until something better comes along. Upgrading or monthly plans just follow the same model of always trying to squeeze another drop from the customer, if we really wanted to keep paying for a product we should have stayed with something like, at least with them we had more automations per category not per board, and nested options for our todo lists.