Be Able To Remove Unwanted Attributes

Currently, if I create an attribute, I can never get rid of it.

I understand that they don’t show up on a board unless I select it.

However, when I mess around to see how bet to set things up, I create(d) a bunch of attributes that I no longer want. Now I have to scroll through a long list of attributes to get the the ones I want.


Don’t know if I understand your problem correctly, but have you tried to select an item and then deleted the attribute you don’t need anymore? You can choose to remove it from the for folder or the complete board.

The 3rd photo under Folder Settings in the link?


In that third photo…

  1. Yes, you can delete the the atrributes “in this folder”

  2. BUT you cannot delete the attributes that are in the list when you click “Add an Attribute”. This is what I want to be able to delete because in my testing I create all sorts of attributes that now have made that list long and several with the same or similar names. This is what the support desk told me and said I had to add a request to change it.


Thanks! Please see me reply to j11 below.

Ah, now I got it. You mean the list of suggested attributes whenever you create a new attribute.
I just tested it and every attribute I delete properly also gets deleted from the suggested attributes list. Though the attributes that are used in the same workspace (but other folders) also are suggested.
Make sure you really delete it and not remove it from this board.

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Hi @landofawz! As others suggested - when you click on ‘Add an attribute’, you will first notice a list of attributes that you can still reuse because they are still somewhere on the board, perhaps in another folder.

So, if you go to folder settings and click to delete from the whole board, they should not appear anymore.

The problem, however, occurs if you have deleted a whole folder but not the attributes themselves. The system still sees those attributes as a part of the board, and it gives you an option to reuse them.

If this is your problem, I strongly agree with you that this shouldn’t be happening and I have personally been trying to urge the dev team to give this some thought. However, it has not been prioritized yet as it hasn’t been reported by so many users as a problem actually.

So, I’ll try to keep pushing on this, but for now, I’ll have to disappoint you as it’s probably going to stay that way for a while longer. :confused:

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