Be able to standardize order of atributes and "child atributes" by Parent Folder

If I change an Atribute in a Parent/Child Folder, this doesn’t reflect in other folders.
It would be nice to be able to reflect/lock Atributes Order and Atributes on Child Folders. This way, if I changed atributes order on Customized, they would have the same view on all subfolders.

Case: If in future I see that some new atribute is useful in my whole project, I’d need to add in every single folder. This would make Infinity flexibility too flexible for a project.

Or, being able to copy atributes and atributes order to different folders would be nice as well =)

Hey @Tayshiro,

I’m just thinking of how would this reflect on our current logic/vision.

As you might already know, the folders can have a different set of attributes, and sometimes, it’s a completely different use case even if it’s a parent folder --> subfolder structure (I mean it’s not necessary that all the same attributes + customization options).

I’ve added a suggestion to have a button of ‘Automatic Inherit’ for example. So you can basically choose to toggle on, or toggle of the process of subfolder inheriting or pasting the activities from the parent folder (change order/sort, remove from folder, etc.)

Would that be okay?



A button for “Automatic Inherit” is great idea. It would add more practical functionality.


That would be great! Thanks!

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