Bidirectional Linking Items

Could we add the functionality of adding items both ways when linking items together?

Here is how Trello Implements it (takes one more step than I think it should)…

I usually like being able to access related items from either location. :slight_smile:

Hi @BaiJie, I believe this is already the case in Infinity. Once you add a reference to a certain item, that item will automatically contain a back reference to the first item. Is that what you meant? :slight_smile:

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You are correct, and it’s awesome. Thanks!



bidirectlional references working in Table view?
In the standard Sales CRM template I see Companies (like Exxon) and a Contact within that company (Mike Berns). But if i check Mike Berns in the Contacts table-view I cannot see that he works at Exxon. I can add the attribute Company to that table, but that attribute is empty. Am I misunderstanding something?


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Good Catch… It’s not visible in the Table view!

If you change it to List, you can see the linked company (Exxon)

@coa – Can you add this to the bug list? :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, @folkert.hobma & @BaiJie,

You’re completely right. The ‘back reference’ is showing empty cells.

I’m adding this to the bug list, so we can fix it ASAP.

Thank you very much!

I am not seeing this as fixed in the latest version and it has been a while since the last message. Is this still on the radar to be resolved?

UPDATE: Sorry, that was my mistake. I see that this is working as expected, but by default the link fields were hidden. So for example, in the Sales CRM sample, there are Opportunities and Companies link fields in the contact table, but they aren’t visible by default. Using Customize to make them visible solves the problem. Sorry for the confusion, but I am leaving this comment in case it helps someone else.