Big UX Improvement: Board Manager


Hey guys! Let’s start this week right. :blush:

An important UX improvement has just been implemented!

If you look at your board, you will now notice a new button at the top left called ‘Board Manager’. This will be a one-stop place where you’ll be able to access all your board settings - including the permissions, members, activity log, trash, and much more.

We believe this will be a much user-friendlier way to manage your board settings, but it will also give us a great UX basis for adding more board options such as the much-needed attribute manager which is coming in the near future.

Let us know what you think of the new design! :wink:



It’s great, thanks! It will make managing the board so much easier.

I suggest you pin - or give us the option to pin - the first column (Role) in permissions, so that the roles remain in view to reference when we horizontally scroll through the various permissions.

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In general it’s much better, but I’m not yet sure if I like the activity log being two clicks away instead of one.



Isn’t that the activity log for the board, while the activity log under an item is specifically for that item?

I haven’t used the activity log(s) yet so I not versed in them.



Yes, it is the log for the board where you can see what has happened lately and also apply filters on the log, which is great.

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Hi @chrish, good idea. I will note it down for the design team to discuss.

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