Blank Whiteboard to Write Long Notes/Articles

Almost like a Notejoy type of canvas. This is useful to write content or blog articles. Would replace my other apps so it can be an all in one solution.

Welcome Chad, you could use the long text attribute for that I guess.


For now advice from @micck is the best but there’s wiki/editor view somewhere in the roadmap although I don’t know if it’s going to meet your whiteboard criteria. Would you mind pasting one or two screenshots?

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Here is a good example of what I mean

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@micck where can i find the long text attribute? I just see description …

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@chadprinsloo sorry for my late response.
After clicking on add an attribute you get an overview over all existing attributes (probably where you found “description”. Below that you have to choose “Create New Attribute”. There you find the “long text” one (and all the other ones).

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Hey @chadprinsloo,

Description could essentially be ‘Long Text’.

As you already know, our process of creating new attributes says:

  1. Choose attribute type (Long Text)

  2. Give the selected type a custom name (Description)

  3. Insert a value

  4. Customize the attribute (Views, configurations settings -> Filters, Group, etc)

I dont like the long text module for writing long posts. Please look at my example i think many people would like to write blog posts and notes so by giving them a blank canvas to do so will be valuable.


Hey @chadprinsloo,

Got it.

‘Notes View’ is our huge ambition, and we have a huge desire to build it, so you can use Infinity like you mentioned and suggested as well.

I’m hoping we can start working on it this year. :slight_smile:


My suggestion would be to simply have the option to expand the “Long Text” field to a full screen view?

Or is there some particular functionality i am missing?


Hey guys!

‘Notes’ View as a new view and a more advanced note-taking feature which we’re planning on creating.

I can’t really give any estimates right now (don’t want to set expectations), but it’s been on our mind for a long time, and we’re aiming for something like Notion’s Pages.

@CodeKnight That particular option might come sooner, yes, but IMO, that’s not going to completely cover it… we’ll see.


Are these notes per record? Or per board? Interested to understand what a new “Notes” view entails? When we talk about views we are talking about the tabs in a folder right?

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I’m thinking that for Notes ‘view’, there might be an exception… I’m guessing each item will have a separate Notes ‘view’. That’s just an assumption.