Block copy/paste to/from Microsoft Office

As a business user I want to copy/paste multiple cells to/from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) that I can quickly add data from other sources and disseminate data through documents, spreadsheets, email, and presentations. NOTE: Paste FROM is needed for Excel but not necessarily other apps. Past TO should work with all apps.

Hi and welcome to the forum!
I know you are talking about a more dedicated function, but I wanted to be sure you know that pasting of multiple rows is already possible.
Just copy some lines from word and paste it in infinity.
And also be sure that you add your suggestion to the roadmap.

Hello @david.isaac, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for now but it will be in the future (copy/paste rows in a table). For now we plan to implement the option to copy/paste Infinity rows but we are considering adding the option to copy/paste from and to other sources as well.

You can find this feature on our roadmap in the Backlog which means we will start working on it once we finish some current priorities. You can also vote for it here to raise its priority, and I suggest perhaps copying your suggestion from the forum as a comment on this item.