Board Groups or Groupings on the Dashboard

This should be a simple addition but a very helpful one.

Simply add a group value or tag(s) to a Board, then from the dashboard present the user with Boards separated by the group value or tags.

example of tags/groups: Marketing, Technical, Corporate, Product, Personal, Social, etc.

With tags, groupings would be more robust and allow one or more Boards to belong to one or more tags.

Hey @joseph,

I’m a bit double-minded about your suggestion.

I like the ‘Tags’ part really much, but again: Initially, workspaces were meant to categorize boards further. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll make sure to include your suggestion in the log :slight_smile:


Since we can have several Boards under a Workspace, and if a Workspace is more of a Company level type of breakdown, I do not want to have separate a company Workspace apart.

As far as development effort, this should be an “easy-enough” update but also give the user a good feeling on placement of Boards into a section or category. Yes, I am a software developer as well.


I see the value in the point @joseph made.

If 1 workspace = 1 organization, then 1 organization can have dozens, or tens of dozens boards (depending on size/industry/organization), so categorizing boards would be beneficial.

As a workaround I’m using colors to categorize the boards.