Bold the first attribute of an item

Please consider having the first attribute of an item in bold. It will help visually with distinguishing items at a glance. Thanks.


Hi @ewchoo , can you make that more specific? In what view(s) would you like to have the first items in bold?
Personally, I think this will indeed be very helpfull in a kanban view (with cards)!

But in table views I’d rather have the option of choosing myself which column(s) I would like to have in bold.

What are your ideas on this?

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Hi ton, exactly what I have in mind - kanban view. I think it is crucial for the cards as that’s the view that would most require users to interact with. Having the first attribute in bold makes it so much easier to identify the item you’d like to move especially when you have quite a board with many items/cards which are presented in the same way. As for the other views, which I think are more static, I would agree with you that we can have the option of deciding which item to bold.


Yes, and I do think that all of the views need UX tweaks and improvements. Apart from Kanban view, when I have a list view I like to put description on the item as well but now it’s indistinguishable from the main task. I think lighter (or grayish) font would make description text present but not too distracting.

I just hope that designers behind Infinity sales pages are working hard on design the main app as well :slight_smile: