Bug: Drag & Drop on Reference Attribute Grouped Table view doesn't assign card

Reproduction steps:

  • Create Folder with Reference attribute named “Parent”.
  • Create Table View on this folder
  • Group this view on “Parent”
  • Create three cards: card “parentA”, card “childA”, card “childB”
  • Manually link “parentA” as the Parent of “childA” so that a new group “parentA” appears in the view with “childA” in it.
  • Try to drag “childB” into the “parentA” group using the drag and drop handler.
  • Observe that the card jumps back to “No Reference” group.

Expected behaviour:

I expect the card that is being dragged and dropped into the new group to be assigned the value of the group in the reference attribute. E.g.: when I drop “childB” into the Parent: “parentA” group, it’s Parent attribute should become “parentA”.


This behaviour does work for other Views, hence this expectation.

@lumenon_infinity, you wonderful man!

Thank you for the step-by-step explanation and guidance towards identifying the issue.

I’ve reproduced the bug, and you’re completely right.

I have no idea why is it happening only in Table View, but I’ll make sure to show it in person to our dev team, so they can fix that asap.

Cheers! And thank you very much. :slight_smile: