Bug: Multiple actions on same item causes data removal


One Engineer was writing a detailed comment on an item. At the same time, another engineer moved the item from one column to another. As soon as the update label action was completed, #1 engineer’s comments were all cleared from the editor panel, and he had to write it all over again.

It would be nice if changes from another location didn’t affect other users.



Hi @BaiJie! Since something like that is definitely not supposed to happen, I tested it just now with a colleague.

I was in the middle of writing a comment and the colleague changed the Status label, and also tried to move the item physically to another column. Both times, I was able to continue writing the comment and nothing was deleted. So, I wasn’t able to reproduce it.

Perhaps we’re missing something. Or it was some kind of a temporary glitch that caused the deletion.

I’d be happy to investigate further if you have any additional information to share. If not, perhaps we can keep an eye on this if it happens again. :thinking:



I think it was a temporary glitch. We haven’t had it happen again.

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Hi @BaiJie

Thank you for updating us, we are glad everything is working just fine now.

If it happens again, please feel free to contact us via chat - as that is one of the fastest ways to contact us and get help.