🐞 Bug: Renaming a Field and Pressing Enter Creates a New Record

This is unexpected behavior, when i press enter after editing a record name it creates a new record as well as renaming the record. Maybe a Shift + Enter would be better if you wanted to create a new record, or pressing enter when not editing data.

Note: The title attribute default has been set to “Wicked” so it hasn’t duplicated the record just created a new one.

Hey @CodeKnight,

We thought this might make the process of creating new items (in Table View) much easier.

But I guess (and looking at your GIF) it’s a bit buggy when there’s a Group applied.\

We’ll take a look at this ASAP.

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To be honest i might just have to get used to it. It might be a better way to work. Just need to remember not to press enter.

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