Bug: Renaming a folder causes sub-folders to vanish

When in a board, if you create a folder “A”, and then in there a sub-folder “B”, then add items to “B”. Now rename “A” to “C”. “B” and all of the items within will vanish.

This is a temporary issue, doing a full reload of the board will show the missing folders and items. Also, it appears that you have to create the sub-folder and then rename the parent folder before reloading the full board to trigger the bug. If you create the sub-folder, then reload the board, then rename the parent folder, everything works as expected.



Can I recover any of the information that I lost from this issue? It’s still not been fixed…

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Hey @dave.wood and @decioemanuel

Thanks for reporting this.

We’re currently working on this, as it’s a pretty complex bug. We’re completely aware of the problem it can create, so we’ll speed things up as much as possible.

However, once you hit the ‘refresh’ button, things should be fine.

Can you try that and get back to us with a feedback?

Thanks guys! You rock.

No stress, my dude!

I hit refresh and didn’t work, but that’s probably because I had tried something different beforehand. I just had to spend a bit longer to get everything as it was, from scratch.

Thank you for your hard work.

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We’re so sorry for the inconvenience caused @decioemanuel

If the same things happens, just try with refreshing the page first.

I’ll let you know of our progress with this issue immediately after there’s a significant change.

Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add that I had folders disappear on the parent rename, but they did reappear on refresh. Whew! Momentary panic.

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