Bulk Edit multiple cards


One of the main most basic functions missing to me now is the ability to select multiple items in a board (a different feature request is already open for this), but then to be able to Edit those selected items in Bulk.

For example. Selecting multiple cards and adding or removing the same tag on them, setting the same due date for them, moving them to a different folder, etc, etc



Hey @marc.maessen,

Thanks for the suggestion and your feedback.

We understand completely,

First, we wanted to focus on allowing our members to select more items, and then maybe build a feature like this.

I’ll make sure to put this in the suggestion queue.

Thanks you very much!



I still struggle with this. The multi-select is great but it seems it is just for moving.
But I am unable to bulk edit labels. Perhaps there is an easier way I am missing.

The expected behaviour is that if I select 5 rows and then change the label for an attribute it will also change the rest of the rows highlighted. This does not happen as shown here, I changed the 1st row to bookmarks and the rest remained untouched

If only there could be an attribute tab in the sidebar where I could show an attribute with a list of its labels and then drag multiple rows to that list as done with folders.



Hi @Derrick :wave:

That is because we do not officially have bulk action(s) when it comes to changing the data (values) on the items you have selected (at least not for now).

But, buuuuuut, there’s a great workaround for this :wink:
Please take a look at this video:

Hopefully this helps at least a little bit when it comes to your workflow and your productivity :slight_smile:

Cheers :v: