Calculating Social Media Post Length

Hi all - I’ve moved over from Airtable and trying to replicate a nifty count formula that counted up the characters of a social media post to make sure it fitted with the publication guidelines of the particular platform. But I can’t figure out how to do it in Infinity.

e.g. in table format, one column would have the social media post and the next column would have the platform (insta, twitter, LI etc). The next column would be a formula that would then count the characters in the post. The next column would then return an “ok” if it was within the relevant post length for that platform.

Any ideas? I must admit I’m a bit bamboozled! Thanks!

Hello @nicola! Welcome to the community!

I must admit that I don’t believe this is possible to do in Infinity but I might be missing something since there are 350+ formulas you can use in Infinity. :slight_smile: Do you perhaps remember how this formula was called in Airtable?