CalDav Integration

Syncing dates in infinity using CalDav would be awesome!

Is it the same standard as iCal uses?

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@man you can also use CalDav calendars in the mac app calendar. It is the standard protocol for calendar integrations.

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Thanks @mickck, the thing is I use Apple calendar service (using clients like BusyCal) and was wondering if integrating CalDAV would mean integrating iCalendar format as well. If not, I guess I’d raise another feature request :slight_smile:

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That´s funny, I use BusyCal, too. It can surely work with CalDav.
Though I´m not really an expert in that area, but I think the techies at infinity will know what works how. Let´s see what they say once they´re back from their holidays.


Haha :slight_smile:
Just so this in my BusyCal:


So I definitely I’m +1ing CalDav integration :smiley:

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Hey @micck, @man,

That would be terrific, for sure.

I’m going to add this suggestion to the log, as well.

We’re aiming for the end of Q1, or Q2 to release native integrations.

Cheers, and thanks for everything you’re doing.

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