Calendar And Task List


I had a demo call scheduled but the rep from Infinity had to cancel/postpone and unfortunately, my time is very limited this week to schedule another half hour block.

But I am trying to get the hang of Infinity. It seems there are two major deal breakers for me unless I am doing something wrong:

  1. I cannot seem to find a way to display ALL calendar appointments/due dates/etc. on one calendar. Also, the sync to my Google Calendar does not seem to work - nothing shows up even though I have created a calendar in a board and copied the URL to my Google calendar.

But am I missing something in regard to calendars? Do you all have a separate calendar view for things in Infinity?? If so, that will be utterly impossible for me to work with.

  1. Task Overview. I need to have a view of ALL tasks/to-do’s in some kind of summary view. Otherwise, things will get missed it seems to me.

These two items seem like it should be pretty basic functionality of any business/time management/project management app.

Thanks for any assistance in this regard!


An update - more calendar madness - so I’m trying to create a recurring event in a calendar. I have screen shots of this - if anyone wants to see what I am doing but basically, create an event on a Tuesday at 16:00 hours. Then, I want it to recur every week. I select the drop down box “Weekly” and then unselect all the days except Tuesday.

When I am finished, there are a bunch of recurring events on the SAME Tuesday (same date - November 23), but they are not showing up on the subsequent Tuesday’s.

What on earth could I be doing wrong?? This should be a pretty straightforward simple thing to do.



I guess I am going to have to move on to something else. While the guideline here asks me to not criticize anybody, only ideas… the sad thing is there are NO ideas.

I am wondering if Infinity is really a serious company at this point, or they just hope to be some day… Basic things don’t seem to have been built in, there is no response in two days in the forum, and I also see various other threads that have been started with no replies…

And that is with the experience of having Infinity cancel/postpone my demo walk through in less than half an hour of when it was scheduled to begin.

So far, not a great experience and with the lack of basic functionality (one calendar, one task list overview) it seems - when I have time, I’ll have to start looking around at other things, or just continue using my paper based Franklin Day Planner and spread sheets.



Hi @ian1 :wave:

First of all, thank you for joining our community forum, we are glad to see you here! :clap:

I’ll get straight to the point, so lets focus on calendar(s) first:

  1. It all depends on how you actually organized yourself, if everything is organized inside one board and all those folders inside that board share the same date attribute(s) (eg. start date, end date) then you will be able to use our board overview and see all your appointments, tasks, events, projects in one calendar view.

    1.1 iCalendar - we would need a bit more info. Did you select date range (start date for example), did you use any kind of filtering in that specific tab?

  2. Regarding tasks, it’s the same situation, you can use our board overview which will show you all the tasks from that one board -> you can then further decide what you want to look at by filtering high priority tasks, projects, by filtering tasks for a specific person or your whole team, or you can group your data by a status label to see exactly where those tasks currently are -> to do, doing, done, postponed… It really depends on what you want to achieve / see or look at!

We, unfortunately, do not have a workspace overview -> which should allow you to see all your items from all your boards in one workspace, however - that should be a part of Infinity in the future.

If you organized projects, tasks, events in different boards, we would suggest organizing them all in just one single board so that you can utilize the board overview feature and see everything in just one calendar view!

Recurring event, we would need to hear a bit more about that - as there are two different ways to achieve recurring events, through every time period (not a true recurring task/event) and a real “recurring item” feature that we offer.

They are quite different:

  1. Every time period - will create an item on the exact day and time you specify (and that can happen, daily, weekly, monthly)
  2. Recurring item - creates 14 items in advanced, with variable dates - so that you know exactly when they are going to happen, and you will be able to see them in your calendar view. (you can filter them to hide the ones you don’t want to see, filtering could help you a lot here).

Here’s how I managed to make weekly support meeting as a recurring item:

We understand that Infinity can be overwhelming sometimes, that is one of the reasons why we implemented a live chat support option for all our users. It is by far the fastest way to get help. You can contact us and one of our agents will be there for you to help you out with anything. Live chat button is located in the bottom right corner of your screen while in the tool or on our website:

Sometimes, even chat is not enough and for that reason we do have demo calls (30 minutes free demo call) and professional services (paid service) , to us - it seems like you could benefit from the professional services - as they can provide you with a proper training, onboarding or any other kind of help you need.

With a demo we can show you what Infinity is capable of, while with professional services we can teach you, get you the help you need and maybe even build a board for you (depending on what you need).

What happened on Monday is indeed unfortunate - our colleague was facing technical difficulties and problems with her ISP, which caused her to politely let you know what is going on and offer you the opportunity to reschedule, it was a bit late and we apologize for that, but we simply cannot predict such events. If such events happen (technical difficulties, issues, urgent situations) we do try to assign those demo calls to our other customer success agents, however - this time we did not have any available, as some of them were off for the day or were on a sick leave due to COVID.

We would still encourage you to schedule another demo call with us, and we’ll gladly go through all the things you need / want to know about Infinity. It is our goal for you to be successful with Infinity.

Let us know if this has helped you at least a little bit, thank you Ian! :pray:



Thanks for the reply @marko . I did not have a chance to respond earlier but I have tried your suggestion in regard to the Calendar and “Overview” - but I still am NOT seeing what I would expect to see.

I created as an “experiment,” a new board called “Board of Everything.” In there, I have a “folder” named Calendar which is a calendar of known future events. Finally, the recurring event seemed to be mostly resolved - it repeated weekly but also added another repeated event on the first date. I am wondering if maybe you have had some bugs with this? I can send you screen shots, as mentioned.

But anyway, it did seem to finally work, in that a recurring weekly event on a Tuesday actually scheduled the events on the calendar correctly.

But next, I created another folder inside the same board. A very simple project outline with start dates and end dates.

When I click on the “Board Of Everything Overview” and then select the “Calendar” view from the drop down, I do NOT see the tasks in my simple project folder that I created. Only the events that I entered in the Calendar folder.

But when I change to “Column” view, I see 2 columns, one from the Calendar Folder, and the other from the Simple Project folder.

This is not what I would expect from your reply - and as mentioned, the desired behaviour is the ability to work with ONE calendar with all scheduled tasks/appointments on it.

And again, with regard to your suggestion of a task view - well, it kind of exists, but at first glance, it’s very odd in how I would go about in a simple way to view tasks the way I’d want to see them. I don’t need to see, for example, a long list of phone calls scheduled for the next months … which is what I am seeing.

Perhaps a demo will be advantageous to me - I absolutely understand that technical difficulties can occur which is apparently what happened with the Infinity Rep - and there was an apology and indeed it was sincere. That was not my complaint however rather the follow up that took so long here, when at this point, I cannot easily reschedule right now.