Calendar Integration Not on Public Roadmap yet?

Hi Infinity,

I would like to request calendar integration to Email, Outlook, iCal, etc. to be added to the Roadmap. I feel like this is more pressing than many of the features that are currently listed, and would solve a lot of problems for using Infinity in a busy work world.

Hi @BaiJie, thank you for your suggestion!

I am not sure about the other calendars, but I know we did plan Google Calendar integration for this year. My guess is that it didn’t make the final cut when we were creating the public roadmap, but this is not to say that we won’t add it in there in the near future because we are definitely planning to add it eventually.

I will remind the dev team of this integration and check when we could be adding Google Calendar and other calendars to the roadmap.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile: