Calendar Scheduling

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a great and productive day :slight_smile:

We wanted to ask you something;

— How do you organize your workflow using Calendar Scheduling? And what tool do you use?

For example; I’ve decided to go pretty basic; Currently I’m using Google Calendar, as I’ve limited myself to set daily priorities, and schedule them at least a day earlier.

However, sometimes I also like to set my priorities on weekends for the whole week, and schedule them in advance.

I know Google Calendar is pretty basic, but it fits my needs for now. Although, I’ve got a feeling that’s about to change.

What about you? I’m eager to find out. :slight_smile:


In our office we use a combination of Apple Calendar (ical) and Google Calendars. We have different calendars for “Meetings,” “Calls,” “Work Sessions” and “Office” (where we track people in/out, etc.). I also keep a personal calendar. The inefficiency comes when a personal event cuts into office time - then I have to make two entries so the office team will see it.

On a related note, a pet peeve: we often get calendar event invites from our clients. I can accept these, but I can’t control what calendar they wind up in, and I can’t change the calendar after I accept the event. So we often have to create a duplicate event in the “Meetings” calendar so the rest of the team will see it.


Just a quick comment on the screenshot… I would love to have Sunday be the first day on Infinity. Could this be a configurable item?


@BaiJie, hey!

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this.

Yes, we can work it out. :slight_smile: I’ve just shared this idea with our CTO, and we can configure days in Calendar View in a pretty short time.

Just added to Suggestion Queue.

All the best!

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Hi @stefan,

Has there been any update on this?

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Hey, @stefan! I’d like to +1 this; would LOVE to be able to make Sunday the first day on the calendar view.