Calendar view and dragging

What’s shown in tutorial at 15-16 sec - does not work…

Hey @Bartosz,

If you mean on ‘Date range’ feature in the Calendar, this is the case:

You need to have two date attributes in your folder. For example:

  • Start Date
  • End Date

Then, click on the ‘Select range date’ on the top right hand of the corner in the Calendar View.

Set the starting date to be ‘Start Date’, and the ending date ‘End Date’ (you’ll have a section to select which attribute should be a starting or ending one).

Then, the colored line for the item will be spread across the range of those two dates (for example between 17th and 20th of May, across 4 cells/days). And you can click on the edge of the colored line, and expand it to be across less or more days :slight_smile:

Hope that was helpful.

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Thanks for help, it worked, but it’s sooo unintuitive…

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Definitely needs to be improved.

Put into the suggestion queue!

Thank you very much.