Calendar view in Overview

When I view the calendar or gannt chart directly in a folder I can see the entries.

However when I go to the overview the text disappears. I finally understand the reason for it, I have two separate folders that have a name field in them, Task & Company Name. Even when I hide the company in customise, I still have this issue.

I solved the problem by moving the company information to a folder outside the overview tree. I stil have access to the data using references so thats ok and can view company info in the global overview section anyhow this way.

It would be good in calendar view to be able select which “name” field - text one plans to use. Would simplify tree structures a bit.

Not a major issue.

Thanks for the report @birgli. Yes, different attributes used as a name can cause this issue in Overview because the system by default recognizes ‘Name’ as the name of the item, but if you have different types of text fields for names it will have to choose one of them to be visible in the Calendar.

Keeping the ‘Name’ attribute as it is and using it like that in multiple folders is, for now, the best practice, although sometimes not the most elegant solution.

Best regards!