Calendar View - multi-day bars

I’m sure this is on your list, but when will we see multi-day events in Calendar view?

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Hi @adam, you already have this feature.

When you create 2 dates, for example ‘Start’ and ‘End’ you can choose from Calendar option ‘Dates’ what date attribute you want to use for start and what you want to use for end. When you select both, it will automatically create multi-day events.

Hey, it works! Thanks, Stefan!

While this solution works nicely and supports Infinity’s mantra of deep customization, it wasn’t particularly intuitive. I’d always support the “easy default” option with the customization available for power users.

You may want to consider a default mode that pre-selects “start date” and “end date” (and similarly, you may want the date attributes to offer these as defaults).

(Also, some color would make the individual calendar items easier to read against the calendar background…)


Hey @adam, I completely agree with you about making this option more intuitive and also about adding colors to calendar items. We’re going to improve it really soon.


Just want to second the calendar bar colors. Having the color of the bar even just match the color of the tag would be a huge help.

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I think a drag-and-drop system would be really nice too!

On each end of the calendar, have a little handle that can be dragged to extend/reduce the start/end times of the item…

There is great flexibility in being able to choose the dates that determine the range. I love it!