Calendar View - Sunday as Start of Week

I’d love to be able to change the calendar view so that Sunday is the start of the week! There was a Bug Report from Feb '19 where a response said it could potentially be an easy feature to implement, but I can’t find the ability myself.

Is it out there already? If not, does it seem like something we could get soon?

That would be great to set in preferences: both global and per user.

On a sidenote: why the week begins in US on Sunday while in the rest of the world it’s on Monday?

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Yeah, it’d definitely be a great user/workspace-based setting!

As for the US beginning it’s week on Sunday…inserts joke about freedom or something :grin:

Hello @Wallstormer and @man!

Thanks for the question and suggestion. Yes, this is something we’ve heard a few times and we do plan to implement it but it hasn’t become a priority yet. I can see it’s still on our list of suggestions but has the importance 6/10 so we’ll discuss it in the following weeks but we’ll see when it can find its way to the roadmap.

By the way, this is the suggestion from Community’s Voice that you can vote for to ‘push’ it a bit higher on the list: :slight_smile:

Thank you. I just voted for this. It will be nice for US to be able to set the Infinity Caledar to match all the other calendars we view.

Hi @gmckayle

First of all, welcome to the community, we are glad to see you here :+1:

Thank you for voting, you can also find some other useful suggestions and feature our users suggested here: Public Roadmap | Infinity (just check folder called communitys voice), feel free to vote for them as well - it will help us decide what features to develop.

Cheers :v: