Can an item appear in more than one folder?

I just tried creating a new board with the “Gallery” template. I realized that the “iPhone” Items don’t appear in the “MacBook” folder, and vice versa.
And now I realize - I don’t think it’s possible to include an Item in more than one folder. Is this correct?
If so, then aren’t folders really separate mini-boards? If the data doesn’t cross between folders, why not just make them boards?
Do items in separate Folders within a Board share the same attributes? Or can they be different?
Is it possible to create a third Folder that contains items from the first and second folders? Or to set up a filter that searches items from more than one Folder?
If so, how do we do this?

I’ve been playing with this some more, and it’s kind of complicated. MOST tricky is when you create a “Names” field in the attributes in one folder. When you start a new folder, it automatically creates ANOTHER attribute called “Names” in that folder. But you’d normally want to use the same attribute for both folders, in order to search Items in both folders. It’s trickier than it looks. I wound up naming the Attributes “Name1” and “Name2” in order to keep them separate. Then I filled out a few items in both folders. Then I made sure both folders were using Name1… and then I could finally eliminate the Name2 attribute, leaving only a single “Name” field. Surely there’s a better way?

Hi Adam,
I don’t know if you’ve got an alternative to this yet, but the Overview Button is a good way of seeing all the folders in one board. I think a great feature would be to have a “View” that would allow selection of the Folders you want to see. That way the attributes could also be cross-linked and viewable at the same time.

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Hey guys!

@adam sorry for missing out on this. Creating two attributes with the same names could be tricky. Now, the logic is pretty simple: The app will automatically disable you to create a new attribute with the same name as any of the existing attributes (it won’t allow you to do that).

What we are missing out is some kind of popping message or notification that the attribute with the existing name already exists. You’ll simply need to name your attributes differently. But we think that could be good, 'cause you’d always want to diversify your attributes. It prevents clutter and a kind of confusion.

But your case is really unique. :slight_smile:

@BaiJie, hey, thanks for the suggestion! Yup, Overview feature could be really useful at times like these. However, regarding the second part: Maybe try combining Overview (or any other view) with Filters?

Here’s the video explaining the power of Infinity Filters:

Hope this was helpful!

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