Can I use different email for workspace?


I’d like to use different emails for workspaces. It means each workspace has a different client for managing the project. how could I avoid showing my account email to all clients who invited my workspaces?

Please advise about this issue.


Hi @bebestlocal welcome to the CF, we are happy so see you here :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that wouldn’t be possible, things do not work like that in infinity. Plan that you own is tied to your own account which is tied to your own email address (that you use for infinity). So, you as the owner get to create all the workspaces, boards and everything else under your account which is tied to just one email address.

You as the creator will be listed in the “members” of that workspace as the owner and your email address will be displayed there.

Also, it is always faster to reach out to us via live chat option in the bottom right corner of your screen, feel free to click on the bubble and send us a message, that’s one of the fastest ways to get help.

Hope that makes sense. :pray: