Can Infinity Help My Groups?

I hope it is Ok to ask up front if my kinds of needs sound like a good fit with what Infinity can do before I spend days and days in vain. In each instance below, we need to manage the “people side” of a new but growing organization, one fairly small, one fairly large. Is Infinity able to help with either or both of the two sample cases below? If yes, please detail. Or if not likely to fill the bill, your candor would be welcome about that too.

Carla B.
cbnelisand [at]

=== Sample Cases ===

a. Small local nonprofit (less than 500)
This community group of parents will need member records (akin to “employees” in your samples) with details and photos provided by each family, plus committee assignments (akin to “HR”), and to track shared projects, schedule shared events, and coordinate access to shared documents such as issues of our newsletter and assignments to work teams.

b. Large club of hobbyists (500+)
This club of people with a shared hobby could have members well into the hundreds or more in many locations. Again, we need membership records (ideally with a photo and a field each member could fill in with personal profile). The main purpose is to help members meet others with shared interests and coordinate group activities. At the same time we would wish to compilie statistics about, say, how many are from Denver, and how many of those are, say, rock climbers, so those members could find each other more easily.

Hi @CarlaB4AZ,

Thanks for reaching out via Community Forum.

I’m confident that the Small Local Nonprofit can be organized in Infinity in a very powerful way :slight_smile:

However, for the large club of hobbyists, it might be a bit tougher because of the performances (number of items) & import of data. Also statistics wouldn’t be possible at this very moment, unless you pack people from different locations into separate boards, and by board item counter, count how many items, or in this case people are located in each board.

Let’s sit down on a call to discuss this further.

Feel free to reach out at ! :slight_smile:

I would be happy to discuss this further in a call. Want to PM me to pick a day and time soon? Thanks much!

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