Can’t rename folders on iOS

I can create a new folder but I can’t rename it.

Hey @stefanow,

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Can you click on the three dots on the very right of the folder field? There should be an option to rename there.

Yes, it is there but it doesn’t work. You can put the new name but the system doesn’t register it.

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I have the same problem. The text changes, but the change doesn’t save

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Okay, guys @stefanow, @BaiJie, thanks for reporting!

I’ve forwarded the bug to our developers, and hopefully, it can be resolved soon.

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys, this bug should be fixed now.

Is everything okay?

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It works with some problems- with some folders I had to repeat twice to get it renamed…

Hey @stefanow,

Oh-oh. Sorry about that! We had it fixed ASAP, so there might have been some mistakes.

Hoping we can improve that during the weekend.

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:+1:t2: Thank you very much! Have a good weekend!

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Hey guys,

Late to the party, but I’m having this exact same issue;

Specifically on ALL my iOS Devices;

  • 11" iPad M1 Pro
  • 12.9" iPad M1 Pro
  • iPhone 13

I can create & name folders, but the name does not stick the first time. About 99.98% of the time, I name the folder, add an item, but when I view it from another device, or go to a different folder and then come back to the one I just named, it still says “New Folder”

Sometimes it sticks when I rename it a second time, but often it does not, I give up and do it from my desktop.

Sorry for the bad news!
Loving Inifnity otherwise!