can use just see his tasks not all tasks in project ?

can use just see his tasks not all tasks in project ?


I believe what you aim for can be achieved through creating a new tab (view) (or duplicating the existing one), and then apply a ‘Filter’ configuration option.

Filter allows you to set specific conditions on which your data should be previewed, depending on the attribute you select (in your case, I guess ‘Members’ attribute).

But, it’s very impractical when you have a large team. It’d be great if you allow to set the filter “Assignee is Current User”


Hi @stefan. Could someone look into this?
I have a 50 person development team that needs to be able to see the list of items they have been assigned.
It is just NOT practical to create one view per team member for this purpose.
Additionally, when I give guest access to my clients, this looks terrible.
A solution could be: We create a View eg: “Assigned to Me” with the filter “Assgined To” = CurrentUser.

The flexibility that filters allow on views is great, however, if a user changes the filters on a View, it changes for all users. A more practical approach would have been to allow users to change filters on a view for their session only.


Hello @awaley! Although this is a great idea, I’m honestly not sure if something like this could be achieved in Infinity considering how our system works. Right now, as you know, all changes happen in real-time and are visible to the whole team in that board. It’s not possible to have views that would only be visible to one person, or that would automatically change depending on the account that is looking at it.

I think this would require a serious redesign of the system. I will mention it to our product manager to see what input she can give me.

The only other workaround that comes to my mind is grouping your tasks by assignees and putting them into columns, so each person can have their own column they can focus on. It’s not ideal but it’s better than creating 50 tabs, one for each person.