Can you link two columns together?

Can you link two columns together? Like, say if you have a checklist which is the steps to complete a task and you link that with the Progress column so every time you check off an item in the checklist column it updates the Progress Column.

Has anyone been able to do that?

Hi @andrea1

Unfortunately no, that is not possible for now. Checklist attribute has its own progress bar that indicates how many things have been checked off or done in that specific checklist and that specific item. That progress bar can be seen once the item is expanded.

I also know that we have a “progress” attribute, however - that one is not automatic and you would have to update it manually “left or right”. Which will allow you to show the % of the task that is done or progress that’s been made for that specific task.

In the future, once the automations are released, we mimght have an automatic progress bar, however - first we have to finish our automations that are planned for this Q2 of 2021 and then try to implement things like this.

I would encourage you to go and vote for this specific feature, it will tell us how important it is and what our users need / want.

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face: