Cannot delete Any Attribute filter

In the Web Application, attempting to delete a Any Attribute filter on a table created from scratch results in an error: Something Went Wrong.

The steps to reproduce this are:

  1. Add a new filter for Any Attribute, but leave it with contains and nothing in the filter.
  2. Close the filter view.
  3. Re-open the filters and try to delete the filter by tapping the X button.

Expected results: The filter is deleted.
Actual results: A Something Went Wrong error is displayed in the lower right.

@mike.shappell Hey!

I can’t seem to reproduce the issue with the same steps you’ve shared.

Can you create a short video, please?

I have included a link to a short video. Today it only took a couple of times to be able to delete the filter, but it has taken 5-6 times in most cases. You can see the error when I attempt to delete the filter the first time and again when I open the filter to delete it the second time as well.


Was something changed, as this does not happen now. It works as expected.

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Yup; it’s been fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the verification.

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