Cannot retrieve file stored in Infinity via Zapier


I’m trying to use Zapier to retrieve a file that is uploaded to an entry in Infinity. (The use case is that I want to take this file and upload it to another platform.)

I’ve seen it done before and so I know it’s possible to do this. I believe I’ve even done it before with Infinity. But it’s not longer working.

Zapier is returning an error that says Unauthorized and it suggests that “Zapier’s access was revoked.” I also suggests to reconnect Infinity, but I can tell that it’s not disconnected.

My suspicion is that Infinity is blocking Zapier from accessing this file. And I’m sure this intentional for security reasons. But I’m wondering if anything can be done for this work properly? Please help



Here is an overview of my zap.



And here is proof that Zapier is properly connected to my Amazon S3 account