Cant add new row when grouping by "Regarding"

When I group by regarding I cannot create a new row for an item not already grouped.
Example: I have items 1,2,3.
Items 1,2 each have rows where they are tagged in “regarding”. The “regarding” grouping view will show items with 1 and 2, but not 3. This is expected. From this view I should be able to create a new row and select item 3, which would then show in its own grouping. Currently I cannot do that. I can only add rows to group 1, and group 2, but cannot create a new group for 3 without going into an ungrouped view and then back.

Hello @drkhan, welcome to the community!

To be honest, it’s a bit difficult for me to visualize this situation, and I also can’t be quite sure what kind of field ‘Regarding’ is in your case, which is going to be essential to figure out the problem. :slight_smile:

Would you mind writing to our chat support (it’s the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the tool) and explaining the problem? They will probably ask for a screenshot which will give them a much better idea of the issue, and so we’ll be able to figure out if it’s a bug or something else. Thank you!