Can't delete a Board if it's too low on the browser screen

I’ve created a few workgroups and several boards. Now some of the board icons are close to the bottom of my browser window/laptop screen. If I try to delete one of the boards, the “Are you sure?” message appears, asking me to type the word DELETE… but the word has fallen off the bottom of the screen, so I can’t click in the box or type anything. Hence, I can’t delete that board.
NOTE - This is in Safari on a Mac. YMMV with different browsers. (See screenshot)

Hello. We are able to reproduce it and it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for report.

This is fixed in new version

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Great, thanks!
BTW, how are you making updates? Are you just fixing things directly in the working app, or are you pushing out formal point updates, etc?
Just wondering how we can know when to try new fixes, features, etc.

We are still formalizing release processes, for now we have small batches of updates that we are releasing. Here is the first changelog Update Logs

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