Can't delete unused label values



I hope I’m not just missing something.
I created a folder where I use some labels. I also created another folder where I reference a label from the first folder. I group items by this label in the second folder.
Now I want to delete an item from the first folder. I assume that the value of the label becomes unused, so i can delete this value from the values of this label. But I can’t. I get an error. Not from the first folder nor the second. In the second folder items still grouped by the non used values of this label.
Here is a short video about the error:

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Gabor Hegedus



Ok. I found the “solution”. If you set the label attribute to “allow empty”, and delete the label values from all rows, then you can also delete the unused label values from folder properties.
But this is only a workaround.



Hello @hegedus.gabor, welcome to the community!

Indeed this is happening because you have set up that ‘Allow Empty’ is not possible. This means that all items in that folder - or all items that have this label on them - will need to have a label, they can’t be without one.

Therefore when you have an item that has a label ‘To Do’ for example, and you want to delete the ‘To Do’ label, the system gets ‘confused’ so to speak - because where would this item go? It can’t be without a label because you said ‘don’t allow empty’ but now suddenly you wish to remove the label from it. :slight_smile:

So it’s not really a bug, rather it’s the logic of the app - with ‘allow empty’ functionality. If you click to allow empty, you will be able to delete labels however you want because then the item will just be ‘Uncategorized’ and will not have any label attached to it.

Does that make sense? :slight_smile: