Can't rename/edit Attributes


I can’t rename or edit attribute, directly or via settings. Pls see video shot:


Hi Irfantony,
I can do it in my boards, so it probably isn´t a bug. Do you have set the right permissions? (Check out workspace/permissions if you are allowed to save attributes.

I’m the only user, no other user.

If it’s related to permission, I’ll try to logout and then login again for clearing some gremlins inside :slight_smile:

@irfantony Did you check the permission setting page?

I’m the owner of Infinity account, so I should have all those privileges.

Yes, I double check the role’s permission, all capabilities ticked

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I ran into the same problem. It’s as if the default Text attribute that is named “Name” isn’t changeable. I don’t know whether this behavior is intentional or a bug. I was frustrated with it, but never reported it here in the community because I realized the way around it. Try this:

  1. Create a new Text attribute and name it whatever you where attempting to change the existing “Name” Text attribute to.

  2. Delete the existing “Name” Text attribute from the folder, and replace its use with the newly named Text attribute you just created.

Remember that within folders you can use any one of the attributes as many times as you like. You just have to give each one you create a unique name.


Thank you @chrish
Will do as your suggestion

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I just had the exact same issue. One thing to mention is that I imported a Trello Board. A few attributes can be changed but others can’t, like “Name” or “Attachments”.

Hey everyone!

I wanted to wait a while, as I love when our members help each other with stuff like these.

Thanks @micck & @chrish!

So the thing is ‘Name’ attribute can’t be changed when you start either ‘from Scratch’ or when you import from Trello.

We’re onto fixing that.

That covers your issue @irfantony. The fix, for now, would be to create a new ‘Text’ attribute and hiding the ‘Name’ one. Just please, don’t delete it completely, as you might need it in the future :slight_smile:

@pierre-yves.sorel if I understood well, you can’t rename the ‘Attachments’ attribute either? That’s a problem we didn’t know about.

I’ll try to reproduce it on my end and report it to the dev team.


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Thank you for the great work!

It looks to me like the attributes that can’t be changed are exactly as you described : they are default names after creating from scratch or from importing a Trello board.

So it’s : Name, Attachments, Description, Links, Checklist, pretty much things imported from Trello.


Thanks @pierre-yves.sorel!