Changing attribute order doesn't reflect on items

It’s great that we can rearrange attributes in any order. But in List view, at least, those changes don’t seem to be reflected in the item layout. Bug?

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I checked it and…

If you reaarange attributes order in the Column, the order in the list doesn’t change.
However. if you reaarrange attributes in the Show/hide panel, the order in the list changes imediately.

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Whoa! That’s funky. Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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You’re right! That’s strange - kind of inconsistent.

Okay, now this transforms from a Bug Report to a Feature Request. Can we use both the Attributes Column AND the Show/Hide panel to reorder attributes?


Yes, unless there’s some logic/usage scenario we are not aware of :wink:

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@man you guessed it well :slight_smile:

We wanted to leave the Sidebar order of Custom Fields unconnected to the View. In some cases for some Items you want to have different order of Custom Fields in Sidebar but not for all the same, and not in the View.

For example:

  • Item has a long text description which is taking all the sidebar area. You want to put it in the bottom, but only on that Item, since all other Items don’t have the long description.

If you want to reorder it on a View you can use Show/Hide.

What do you think about this?

I understand the logic, but I think some users will see that they can move fields around in the sidebar, and won’t understand why they’re not moving in the actual Item. You’ll have to work a little harder to explain that the Show/Hide window does that arranging, but not the sidebar they use more often.

Maybe the Show/Hide window should get a different name? Like “Arrange”? Or “Item Layout”?

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That’s nails it. Changing order globally and locally has its advantages I haven’t thought before but we have to make it clear to users.

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Either way is fine, as long as it’s clear - just trying to avoid confusion.