Chart View & Google Calendar Integration improvements

Hey guys,

We have an exciting update for you today.

#1 Chart View :bar_chart:

The wait is over - Chart View is finally live!

From now on, you will be able to create reports out of your Infinity data and display them through various types of charts.

Whether you want to measure KPIs, monitor your team’s performance, track your sales or quickly scan your projects’ progress - with charts you will be able to do so in an eye-catching, but also highly effective way.

Chart Types Gif

Read more about Chart View in this help article.

#2 Google Calendar Integration improvements :calendar:

We have added a couple of important updates to the Google Calendar Integration.

Before it was only possible to sync your primary Google Calendar with Infinity but now you are able to choose which of your calendars you wish to sync.

Moreover, you will be able to map/sync the description from your Google Calendar events to Infinity and vice versa. You will also be able to review the details of your existing calendar connections more easily.

Hope you’ll enjoy the new updates! And we can’t wait to hear what you think about Charts! :blush:


Calendar working great! Thanks


Why can you only sync all-day events? I thought it must have something to do with my data/setup but saw that the warning that only all-day events would be synced was shown on the screenshot in the guide to integrating Google Calendar. Only syncing all-day events places this feature’s usefulness at “useless.”


Set your calendar up with two Date attributes, and enable the time field for each one.

Then click “Start Time” in the calendar’s menu bar, and in the drop down box under “Set a date range:” designate one of the Date attributes as Start Time, and the other Date attribute as Select Range END.

Now when you create an entry in the calendar, set a specific time for each Date attribute. This will allow you to control the start time and end time of the entry.

I use the 12 hour time setting and have no experience using the 24 hour setting, but I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t work the same with either setting.

One more thing: Make sure when setting up Mapping (in the Connection Details window) to designate the same two Date attributes as the respective Start Date and End Date.

Total noob here; how do I enable Google Calendar integration?

I’ve poked around a bit in the app settings (Windows 10 App) and don’t see where we enable GCAL integration.

Loving infinity though!
Thank You!

Hey there @strativourakis

First of all - welcome to the community - we are stoked to have you here :tada: :wave:

Regarding your question, once you open up your calendar view, you should have a “sync” button which allows you to Integrate Infinity with your google calendar, here’s where that can be seen:


Also, it might be easier to go through this help article we have published for our Google Calendar Integration

If any other questions come up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via live chat support - its a much faster way of getting the help you need :pray:

Cheers :v:

Hey @marko
Thanks for the answer & sorry for my delayed reply. I’ve really been diving into infinity & am continually amazed at what it enables me to do. What you guys have built here is truly out of this world!!

That said; Thank You!
I will try that now for calendar integration.


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You are welcome @strativourakis

I am glad I was able to help :pray:

Thank you for your kind words, we are excited to hear that you are enjoying Infinity and what it enables for you, that’s fantastic :tada:

Just a small reminder, don’t hesitate to reach out to our live chat support - if any questions come up regarding calendar integration or anything else related to Infinity and its features.

Cheers :v:

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Roger that and Thank You!

You are welcome @strativourakis :rocket: :infinity: